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Vietnam war movies is one of the hottest subjects in motion picture industry after the Vietnam War ended in April 30, 1975. According to Martin Novelli’s research, the representation of the Vietnamese in Vietnam War movies is woefully stereotyped. The films producer usually created Vietnamese civilians are typically shown as passive victims, prostitutes, as well as conniving with the enemy, although North Vietnamese or guerrilla fighters in many cases are driven as cruel torturers or effeminate cowards, and the Armed forces of the Republic of Vietnam are identified as incompetent. The South Vietnamese armed forces are criticized for being mediocre troops with not reliable leaders. That may have been so that in some cases but we recognize most of the South Vietnamese troopers, sailors, airmen and Marines were reliable troops, also led by proficient officers who put up a damn fine fight.

Vietnam war movies are based on Vietnam war occurrences (1955-1975) and the 2nd stage is the most intensive phase of the Indochina War (1945-1979). This is exactly a war between the two sides, one side is the Republic of Vietnam in South Vietnam and the United States Of America and some allies such as Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Thailand and the Philippines battled directly.

The Vietnam War is combat caused the most very hurtful in the history of Vietnam as well as significantly divisive in the heart of the people of Vietnam and turmoil and division in the USA and many other countries. Depending on the source, the number of people killed in the Vietnam War is from 3 to 5 million, millions of many others were injured and disabled. The survivors continuously face horrible problems of social and economic environment that has brought by the war. In the United States, other than 58 220 soldiers killed and 305,000 injured (which includes 153 303 handicapped), many of the 2.7 million American soldiers who fought troops in Vietnam suffer the pain of a mental disorder, also known as the “Vietnam Syndrome.”

Best Vietnam War Movies you should watch

We Were Soldiers: recreate the Battle of La Drang Valley in November 1965 based on the novel We Were Soldiers Once … And Young (We are young soldiers) of the real-life Lt. Col. Hal Moore wrote. This is the first major battle of the Tet Vietnam Army and the U.S. Army. Weweresoldiers_poster

The film was choreographed by director Randall Wallace, with the participation of veteran actor Mel Gibson (Hal Moore) and famous actor Don Duong of Vietnam is (as Lt. Col. Nguyen Huu An).

The film was widely accepted in the American public and even the character of the government, the film was screened at the White House and U.S. President George Bush expressed his confidence with Vietnam war movies. However, in Vietnam , the film caused huge controversy and public opinion in the country is backlash because that was distorted, distorting history and images of the Vietnamese soldiers in Vietnam.

Full Metal Jacket: staged by director Stanley Kubrick with the acting of the leading stars Matthew MODINE, Vincent D’Onofrio and Arliss Howard.


1967, a year full of events of the American war in Vietnam, a group of naval recruits were sent to Parris Island to participate in basic training course. The training them is Lieutenant Hartman (R. Lee Ermey). He has used the method to make the most intense guy who is a tough guy, always ready to fight.

This is one of the most authentic Vietnam War Movies that I’ve ever seen, the first 15 minutes of the film will evoke emotions, memories for any human being who fought here.

The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara is a documentary about the life of Robert McNamara, the U.S. defense secretary during the Vietnam War. The film was choreographed and directed by Errol Morris has earned him the Academy Award for best documentary.Fog_of_war

If ghosts do exist, then perhaps McNamara is the most haunted. While in power, he had witnessed the deaths of more than 58,000 U.S.  soldiers in Vietnam, the death of hundreds of thousands of Japanese in the rain of bombs the U.S. military. He went through the toughest challenges, many qualities most required, to the final decision and live with it for life.

Good Morning, Vietnam: considered top on the list of Vietnam war movies, which is staging based on a true event in 1966 in Vietnam. The film tells the guy Adrian Cronauer (Williams) is sent to Vietnam to broadcasters for the military. Even the appearance of the movie he was not welcomed by Lieutenant Major Dickerson (JT Walsh). He hated everything about this guy, from music, humor to say the food, and just wanted Adrian to disappear out of sight. Fortunately, with kindness and humor to the sun, he found new members have won the hearts of the soldiers and especially Taylor (Noble Willingham).


In the first time you went shopping and met Adrian Cronauer Virgin and try to get to know but do not be, do not give up on him and you have to go on the bike and 2 English class due to the U.S. military opened. Adrian Cronauer lied and bribed English teacher of this class is to teach and familiarize Virgin. After class he went in but was Tuan Trinh (Tuan) – Virgin boys stopped.The_Deer_Hunter_poster

The Deer Hunter: is the most successful works of director Michael Cimino among Vietnam War Movies. It won five Academy author, including the best picture and best director. The film with the participation of actor Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, John Savage, John Cazale, Meryl Streep and George Dzundza.